Thursday, October 14, 2010

Days 30 and 31

Hey everyone, sorry I keep posting eraticly lately.

Ok so yesterday we were released from rehab!!!! YEA!!!! It was still a full day of therapy and goodbyes. Dona still had to work hard and they made sure that I was able to contenue her therapy at home. So I have a lot of handouts to make into a therapy book for us to use. :) We will still have home therpy, it will just be three days a week tho. Once we get into a routeen we will get back into aquatherpy.

Dona was glad to get home at the end of the day, play the cat, and sleep in our bed. So it was an early night for us.

Today we slept in and just took it easy this morning. This afternoon we needed to get all the baseline scans done and pick up a rental wheelchair. The first scan venous scan where they do a sonogram of her blood viens. Then we had a couple of hours befor her MRI so it was off to the park for a walk in the sun and just hang out. And right now as I post this she is getting her MRI.

Then it will be off to the apartment for dinner and Grey's!

Sleep tight everyone!

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  1. Keep us posted! No news makes us worry even though the saying goes "no news is good news". Get outside as much as possible before it gets cold!