Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day Twentynine

Well it was Dona's victory day!!!!!

So it was pretty much Dona showing off for everyone, she mostly got dressed by her self in the morning. Altho we did do a lot of chatting with our OT therapist, so it took longer then most days LOL! (no points lost for that ;)  )

Then it was down stairs for OT, where we went over things we will need to do at home to keep up her progress with her arm and hand. Its mostly stretches and some work outs. Showing off here she picked up small blocks that were on one set of pins that go thru the middle of the blocks, and then set them down on another set of pins. It was a great show of her fine motor skills!

Next up was TR, here she gets to just play around with her yarn. Today she got to use some toys that she ordered to help her keep tension on the yarn in her left hand. OK you knitting girls out there, she is going to need your help working out the details with that. :D  I am sure some one out there will help her out. LOL!

Now we are on to Speech Therapy, where today she really worked on her voice instead of her mind. LOL! We also got some homework here, so its a good thing I have noise canceling headphones. :) Just kidding sweetie!

Then it was on to our last brain injury class!!!! YEA!!!!!

MMMMMM Lunch! then a little nap.

After the nap it was on to PT, where she walked around for a little wile. Then it was on to the stairs, NOT Dona's favorite thing to do btw!

After the stairs we did work outs that will help keep her legs and hips strong.

Then back to the room for a better nap before we went to aquatic therapy, there it was just more workouts, and working on her balance. It looked like she was having fun with the therapist making fun of me! LOL I don't know WHAT I did to deserve that. ;)

Back up to the 8th floor for a shower, dinner, and get ready for her last night at the Immanuel Medical Center!!!

Sleep tight everyone, Dona will be home tomorrow!

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