Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day Twentyfour

Hey I hope everyone had a great day, Dona and I sure did!

Well we had another outing today, we came back to the apartment for our home assesment. Good news there, we don't have to do a major remodel to get the house set up! Just a tub bench and a couple of handles installed, the rest of the place is pretty much easy access.

After stopping by the house and playing with the cat, we went out to lunch with a few of the girls from rehab for our public outing. That was pretty much parking and going into a restaurant to see how our new status has affected our daily life. Well it looks like as long as we are careful and take our time it should not be a problem. Its a good thing that the world has be made more friendly for people with disabilities! :)

Then it was back to the hospital for a little PT and of course a swim!

It was a long day but oh so worth it, so I am kinda tired and I will get back to you tomorrow as we are back on our regular PT schedule.

Have a good night everyone!

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