Sunday, October 10, 2010

Days 25, 26, and 27

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have taken the last three days off, but its been busy! We had Rachel, an outing, and lots of prep before Dona comes home. Not to mention two days of PT.

OK first things first, Dona is doing great and has let me tell everyone what is going on. At the doctors appointment on Wednesday we found out what was in her head. Some thing with a big medical name! LOL!! Alright so I can remember what they called it. But they way they grade tumors in the brain is 1 to 4, 1 being benign and 4 being OMG this is bad. What Dona had was mostly grade 2, but it was just starting to have level 3 growth when they removed it. So what this means is we have to treat it like it was level 3, so chemo treatments it is.

So chemo sounds really bad doesn't it? Well what we are getting is what the doctor likes to call "chemo lite", and what that means is a little nausia, constapation, and we will have to keep an eye on her blood counts. So the good news about this is the meds she is on now for nausia and constapation will not have to change to something stronger. The chemo meds are given on a 28 day cycle, so in the evening before she goes to bed she will take one pill a night for 5 nights and then we wait for 23 days for the next cycle to begin. The fact that Dona is taking it only at night should mean that the worst of the side affects will happen wile she is asleep. So for 5 days she will be feeling a little down and the rest of the time she should be ok.

They are going to start with 6 cycles and then do tests and scans to make sure its doing good. If it is then 6 more cycles. If not well we might have to look into radiation treatments.

Now for the brain flap, the doctor wants to wait for 8 to 12 weeks before she puts it back in. She wants to make sure that the swelling is all the way down, and see how Dona reacts to treatments before she puts it back in. Plus she wants Dona to get stronger before we do another surgery.

LOL well thats all the big doctor stuff in a nut shell! I am sure I have missed a few things as I haven't really slept in three days. :) Also the cat is attacking me, so now I have to go before she draws blood.

Have a good night everyone, Dona and I both thank you for your support!


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