Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Twentytwo

Yeah!!! Today we found out that Dona gets to come home on Oct. 13th, next Wednesday! And tomorrow we go to the Brain Doctors for our check-up, we will find out what was in her head and what needs to happen next so we can get her skull put back together. LOL!

Also we got the results of her second report card today, and of course if was fantastic! Her four days off of therapy didn't really set her back much, her score before she was sick was 72, and her first day back it was 68. So not to bad I would say! Dona's score today after a full week back was 86 and we are aiming for 95 or better by next week, so no problem there!

As far as what she did today in therapy, she walked 200ft with out anyone holding on to her, it was just Dona and her cain. OK so we were close by incase she felt like she was going to fall or needed to sit down. But WOW! Dona also climbed up and down three flights of stairs twice, LOL altho she didn't like doing it! In the pool today, I was in there "working" with her. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work for both of us.

Well not a whole lot more to say tonight, but the next few days are going to have all sorts of updates, so make sure you check back. LOL

Have a good night everyone!

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