Monday, October 4, 2010

Day Twentyone

Hi everyone,

We don't have a come date yet, but we are getting closer! Today Dona did all the things we need to get her home. First thing she did was get in and out of my truck on her own! It was pretty cool, the therapist and I just stood there and watched her get in and out all on her own. The next thing she did was get out of bed, well she has been doing that from the hospital beds, but this time it was from a regular bed. So we are right on track, I think we will find out a date for us to come home tomorrow, but I am not sure.

We are still on for Wednesday for our trip to the brain doctors, I will have more info on that then. And on Thursday we have our home assesment, so Dona will get to come home for a little wile as we see how well she moves thru the house. :)

So its looking like we have another busy week ahead of us!

Everyone have a good night and I will have more for you all tomorrow.

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