Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day two

Posting from my iPhone this morning.

We had breakfast with the speech therapist today to see how her eating and swallowing was doing. Well she is doing great at it, Dona was scheduled to do this for the rest of the week, and after this morning she will only have to do that every once and awile. :)

Dona is napping right now, but she has a full afternoon of therapy. I will be back on this evening to keep you all filled in.

Good day!
Dona walked a few steps and is sitting up in bed by herself. So tomorrow starts a full day of therapy, with more improvement I am sure.

On Friday we go back to the first hospital and get the staples removed, and I hope more details on what they removed. Then on next Tuesday we get our first weekly report card from the staff here at physical rehab, we should have a better idea of when Dona gets to come home.

Well that's about it for today, were just watching tv for awile then off to bed.

Good night everyone and I will talk to you all tomorow.


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