Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day eleven

OK so Dona not feeling well yesterday kinda got the doctor worried  today. So he did tests all morning and decided that she has been working herself a little too hard. I know what a surprise lol Dona working too hard to get out of here. :) So no therapy today or for the rest of the weekend.

Well they decided that she needs to get some rest this weekend so we are just going to hang out and take it easy. We should start again on Monday and from there we will still work hard just not as hard as she has been. I don't know yet if this is going to push the going home date back, but I am sure that it will by a couple of days. Thats ok I would rather have her home late and feeling good then home early and feeling bad.

Thanks for your support everyone and I will keep you all posted as the weekend progresses.

Have a great weekend!

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