Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day Eight

Well everyone its the day we have been waiting for! Dona's first report card from the rehab center!

We have a date to shoot for for her to come home, 10/4/2010. If she keeps up her progress she will be able to come home in a week and a half! Yea!!!!!!!!

The way the report card worked is it gives a score on what she can do by herself, the higher the score the more she can do on her own.  When she came into rehab, her score was 54, a week later its 72, and when she gets to 95 she can go home!

As far as what she did today, she and I walked about 150 feet this afternoon, and this morning she walked 100 feet and climbed and walked down 3 steps! When she is walking she is mostly doing it by herself with one of those cains that have 4 feet on them, and I am just there to keep her steady if she needs it.

It looks like maybe tomorrow or Thursday Dona will be starting aquatherpy, so its work out in the pool time. It looks like its going to be hard work but it will be so good for her too.

And the last bit of news from today, we have a followup appointment with the neurosurgen next Wednesday, so we will find out more about how well she is healing and hopefully what it was that they had to cut out of her head.

Thanks everyone for your support, and maybe I will have a surprise guest on tomorrow, so come back and see!


Have a good night everyone!

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