Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Three

Well it was a good day and a bad day for us.  Everything that has happened so far hit Dona and I today and well we both had a little melt down. But I think we both needed it too, because we are feeling better, and the journey doesn't look so bad anymore.

On the plus side of the day Dona is standing more, and starting to use her left leg more! She had to stand three times today for a blood pressure test, and is moving from her bed to her wheel chair. She still needs support from me and the nurses to move back and forth, but considering that Monday we had to use a lift, I think she is doing fantastic!

We found out today that when Dona gets her staples out tomorrow she doesn't have to go back to the other hospital, they will be able to do it where she is at. So Yea! we don't have to deal with the transportation back and forth!  :D

We have Rachel this weekend so there will be some light PT then just the three of us hanging out and watching movies. It will be a nice easy weekend for us.

If anyone wants to send Dona a card or letter, please do! Just mail it to our apartment and I will make sure that she gets them. The address is:

Dona Zach
1323 Jackson St #404
Omaha NE 68102

Thanks for your of your support out there!


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